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In 1997, Himalayan Hell 2 was released by Jonathan Cacy.


Map Info:
Type: SP, Version: v1.3d
Rating: 78, Size: 70.07 KB

In 2007, WGCityDM2 was released by William Gee.


Map Info:
Type: DM, Version: v1.4+
Rating: 92, Size: 77.13 KB

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The Duke Nukem Repository - your #1 source for all things Duke! "... Hail to the king, baby!"
Welcome to the new and arguably bluer Duke Nukem Repository; revised, improved and altogether nicer looking than the old tired and stale affair some may remember from way back in December 2005.

The Repository shall continue to strive to bring you only the finest custom maps, utilities and goodies available in the Known Universe, the reason behind which being that if you dear sir or madam have stuck it out with Duke for the past eleven twelve years without a sequel from 3D Realms, by bloody oath you at least deserve some decent maps to play in the meantime.

So stay a while and take a look around the site, however be sure to enjoy yourself.


Latest News - 14th November 2011

RCPD Finale Re-release!

The author of RCPD finale decided to release his previous map with yet another version containing some ROR effects.

Now, this download holds both versions of RCPD Finale. Head on over to his release thread and download!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 11:31 GMT-6

Older News

21st August 2011

An episode to be reckoned with!

A long awaited project made by some of the best mappers and coders has been released.

Said by Merlijn:

"The Imperium is an 8 level episode for dukeplus, featuring new music, new art and new sounds as well. It also uses several dukeplus features, including an upgradable gun and the supertrooper, an elite liztroop coded by Muelsa. HRP and Polymer are OPTIONAL, meaning you can play this in any way you like except 8-bit. Polymer still has some visual errors though."

The file is to large for us to host but don't worry, the download link is located in this thread!!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 08:00 GMT-6

18th July 2011

A map from the "golden age" back in 1996 is what we have in store for you today.

This map is brought to our attention by Henri K. and he has also done an excellent review. The reviewers own words about this map:

An ancient map that has various influences from Star Wars -movies, Shuttle Escape is just what the title says: trying escape in the shuttle, Imperial shuttle to be exact. You donīt get any clues how did you get aboard the ship you must escape, (even the author doesnīt know the reason for this), but it doesnīt matter - all you need is a shitload of arsenal & recipe for fun is ready for you.Head on over and Download!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 15:03 GMT-6

1st July 2011

Summer is here on the northern hemisphere with sunny days and DNF.Maybe not the right time for playing Duke 3D, you'd say?

You don't need a rainy days as an execuse for playing RCPD Finale !! Out of the blue appeared Paul Bolduc with a great map for the true followers of DN3D. Visit the authors own thread and download!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 10:53 GMT-6

21st May 2011

It seems that the rumours about the end of the world was a bit disproportionated!

A great new addition to the singel player map listings is bunged to the server.Quakis and Mikko have just released a co-production for us to enjoy.

Follow the link to the authors thread and download!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 12:50 GMT-6

20th May 2011

True Room over Room!

The most wanted missing effect in Mapster would be the Room over Room feature.Well, the long walk in the valley of despair has comed to an end.

Philipp Kutin ( Helixhorned ) has made it! So, upgrade your Eduke32 and move over and grab his Tutorial here.

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 20:35 GMT-6

7th April 2011

High Treason submitted three maps for your amusement a few days ago. One of them is called:EDF Computer Base.The authors own words:

-It is a base type map with a simple goal, kill the enemies, find the keys and throw a bomb down into the computer core ventilation to blow it up before talking a walk over the evil bridge to the exit.-

This map is uploaded here at DNR. The other two maps is available from mirrors located in High Treasons release thread!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 15:36 GMT-6

24th March 2011

A great map has been released by a great mapper today!

Gambini is well known for his stunning creations such as; Blown Fuses and Rush Back. His latest contribution to the scene of Duke Nukem 3D is a map called, It Lives.

I can't see no reason why you shouldn't pop into his release thread and grab this one immediately!

Posted by Frode Waksvik at 17:08 GMT-6

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